3 thoughts on “Rakuten Trade vs MPlus Online, Which One is Better”

  1. Tried opening a Rakuten Trade account. The whole process was so wonky! Halfway through, I couldn’t proceed because the website wouldn’t upload my photo. So I started again … only to be TOLD that I am a member and I need to confirm my email. I received no email notification about my registration or even one to confirm my email. So now I have to call them to find out what is going on. I’m not super confident in depending on a broker that is online-only … which has a website that not only has bad UI but doesn’t seem to work properly. Fortunately, I have M+. So far no problems.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Elizabeth!
      I hope Rakuten will improve its website and process to avoid losing new customers like you.

    2. Rakuten email may be marked as spam in your email. At least my gmail did. i had to search and un-mark them.

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