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If money were not an issue for you, how would you choose to live your life?

This question will lead you to rethink your life purpose, and then have another question in mind.

The question shouldn’t be “is it possible?”, but instead “how can I achieve it?”

“Having a high income?”, you probably thought of that. Well, a higher income may be a part of the puzzle, but it is not the whole picture.

What if you don’t have the fate to earn the monthly 5-digits income? Are you still able to achieve that ideal life?

Fortunately, it is possible.

My Ultimate Life Goal – Financial Independence

While I was looking for the answer to create “unlimited” incomes for retirement, I discovered this gem from many personal finance blogs – Financial Independence (FI).

These 2 words opened up a possibility to live a life that I desire. After understanding how it works, I am convinced that it is possible to live a life free from worrying about money.

In fact, everyone can achieve financial independence.

All we have to do is to create a passive income source by investing. When our passive income can cover our annual expenses, that is when we achieved FI.

There is all kind of investment you can make, such as real estate, business or stocks. Personally, I prefer stocks.

If you think investing is too mafan, mendokusai or hassle to you, here is a quote for you:

Quote "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come."
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What’s in This Personal Finance Blog

This blog is a platform where I am able to share my investing experience with everyone. Although I have been invested in stocks for more than 2 years, there are still many things for me to learn.

I understand the struggle of a beginner to learn about stock investing. Therefore, I aim to provide beginner-friendly guides by simplifying stock investing for you (and myself). I will also share other personal finance stuff such as tracking your expenses and building an emergency fund.

Occasionally, I will share non-finance content such as wedding planning and my quarantine experience. But I try my best to stick with finance-related content.

My Blog Mission

Before I started this blog, I had so many troubles looking for a place to learn about stock investing, especially for Malaysians.

If I can’t find one, why not chose to create one?

Hence, I started this personal finance blog. My mission is to simplify stock investing for everyone who wants to learn stock investing. At the same time, I share part of my investing journey as a motivation for you to invest as well.

Investing our money, whether in stocks or properties, not only can protect our money from inflation, it also generates passive income for us, which is an excellent additional income source.

If we are focused on investing and doing it consistently, we could have a passive income that big enough to cover our annual expenses. That is when we achieve financial independence.

My Little Bio

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Hey there! My name is Marcus. I consider myself lucky to be born into a family that encourages us to save money. Thanks to my parents’ teaching, I was able to fully pay my first house down payment with my own savings.

Fast forward, both of my parents retired as government servants in 2018. Hence they enjoy their retirement with recurring incomes from the pension fund.

It made me think, β€œWhat would my retirement life look like?”, “Can EPF enough for me to retire comfortably?”

How I Start My FI Journey

When I Google for the keyword “sustainable retirement”, I discover the word financial independence. I didn’t know we can generate passive income to fully cover our living expenses.

After thorough research, I started my stock investing journey in March 2019.

Why invest in the Stock Market? I’m glad you asked.

From my research, dividend from stocks is a proven solid passive income, which is truly passive and effortless. The only effort we need is to identify which stock has the most potential to grow and invest. Unlike real estate, the stock market only requires a very small amount to get you started in investing.

Let’s Connect to Each Other

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Since I will not write it so often, so you don’t have to worry about getting spam by my emails. I will only send you the latest blog updates and occasionally send you some of my investing insights.

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