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  1. Hi Marcus,
    Your post has been a tremendous help on the process of opening a CDS account. But I got stuck at the last part, after putting all the required info, and to click SUBMIT, it kept prompting the message “There was an error. Connectivity Error, please try again later.” I had tried for 2 days and its still showing the same error message. May I seek for your advise what I should do now? Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Marcus,
    Will our money deposited into brokerage house like M+ and UOBKH safe in the event like if above brokerage close down? Will we be getting back our deposits?

    1. The money is always in the brokerage account (M+ and UOBKH), not in the CDS account.
      CDS account is only for recording the shares we own.
      In the event of the brokerage closing down, you have to claim back your cash directly from the brokerage house.
      CDS account has nothing to do with it.

  3. Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for the great sharing. Is there any chance for me to change the ADA after I got my approval for my CDS Account? Can this be done via the Bursa Anywhere app?

    1. You don’t have to do everything in Bursa Anywhere.
      Just refer to your ADA and tell them you already have a CDS account.
      They will automatically link your CDS account, given that it is a direct account.

    1. Hi, in your Bursa Anywhere app, just go to “My Services”, “Update CDS Account Details”.
      You can choose “telephone number” and update it.

  4. Thanks Marcus! The application got rejected today. Can I apply using my detail if I am a housewife without any income?

    1. Hi Ying Ying, unfortunately no.
      The bank account has to be the same name/person as the owner of that CDS account.

  5. Hi Marcus

    Great guideline! I already open my CDS account with M+ within an hour.

    What should i do next? I realize i cannot register on M+ platform. Perhaps, do i need to wait them to create the account for me?


    1. Hi Kamal, thanks!
      Yes, you may wait for them to contact you about account creation.
      If there’s no news within 2 weeks, then only contact them.

  6. Hi Marcus, firstly thank you for your help in creating this post!
    I have recently gotten in touch with a Malacca securities agent and she is guiding me to set up an account. she has mailed me some forms to be filled and I realised she has already pre-empted my account type to the M+ Gold account. I have just asked her about it and yet to receive a reply. I initially just wanted the Silver account. Can you tell me the difference between the silver and gold? Did she choosing the gold account for me was to benefit her sales commission in any way? Should I be weary of this? Sorry too many questions, first time doing this on my own. Really trying to be thorough and not make mistakes that could have been avoided. Thank you again for your time and energy reading this!

    1. Hi Ash, you’re welcome!

      From what I read on their website, it seems that the gold account is a contra account, which you can borrow money to invest.

      You are probably right about the agent’s intention. I agree that you should insist to opt for the M+ Silver account, so you can only invest with your own money, not borrowed money.

      Good luck to you!

  7. Hey Marcus,
    I have opened my bursa account and my trading account with ambank and UOB. Just want to know how long will it take for bursa to approve my submission from my trading account. I have submitted my fund for a company on thursday. How long will the process take?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Suresh,

      Trading account approval is up to Ambank and UOB. Bursa only in charge of your CDS account, which usually approved in just less than a week.
      To be honest, I have no idea how long it will take Ambank and UOB to approve your trading account.
      For M+ Online, it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks.
      Hope my reply helps!

    2. Hello! Great helpful article. But I can’t find a solution to the problem I’m facing now.
      I registered a CDS account about 30 years ago. Now I want to start trading again. How do I go about doing this? I can’t open a new CDS account via the ‘Bursa Anywhere’ app because it doesn’t prompt me to the new account creation option because I have the old account registered under my IC. So I’m stuck there.
      The other option I have is to maybe retrieve my old CDS account with security pin and other information that I have long forgotten. I’m also unsure how to do this and where to look nor are there any guides on this. Can you give me a pointer on this please?
      Thanks for your efforts!

  8. Hi,
    I have successfully open my CDS account via Bursa Anywhere, I choose Hong Leong Investment bank as my broker, What should I do next in order to access Hong Leong Bank Trading account ,do I need to manually apply a trading account in Hong Leong Bank?

    1. Hi, you should receive an email or any contact from the Hong Leong brokerage. If you didn’t, then you may need to contact them first.

  9. Hi
    Can a foreigner open a Bursa Malaysia account? I’m a Singaporean with bank account in Malaysia. I am concerned about NRIC and address as I do not have an address in Malaysia.
    Also, what happens if one day we decides to close the bank account?
    Wonder if you are able to advise on this. Thank you

  10. Good article. Thanks Marcus. Wondering if you have the answer the question below:
    1) I tried to register Bursa Anywhere and put in my new IC number but it’s saying “No CDS Account found” which is odd because I got one through Public Investment Bank–any chance you know how to resolve this?
    2) As you mentioned, Mplusonline broker, do you if they charge any fees for receiving cash dividend? PBE is charging up to 5.60 so I’m looking to leave them!

    1. 1) I’m not sure if you are opening a direct account or a nominee account via Public Investment Bank. You should check with the remisier in charge of your brokerage account.
      2) Either M+ Online or other direct account brokers will not charge us if we receive dividends from Malaysian stocks. So you should really check with them. 🙂

  11. Hi Marcus, your blog helped a lot in explaining the processes, and with that, I have completed my CDS account by choosing Hong Leong Bank and Maybank as my ADAs. I submitted a Maybank Savings Account for the Bank Statement file. However, I’d like to ask, would there be a possibility that these ADAs or Bursa Malaysia charge a monthly or annual fee for just having the CDS/Bursa account? Another question, if the ADAs decided to have an appointment with me and I decided not to open an investment account, would that be okay? My sole objective to open a CDS/Bursa account is just to see what does it have in store and learn from it, who knows it could benefit me in the future. I don’t plan to start investing yet. I hope you could enlighten me on those questions. Again, your blog is great and very informative. Hope to hear from you soon, thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Ahmad, thanks for your feedback. I am really glad that my blog can help.

      1) As far as I know, there is no monthly or annual fee for any CDS Account or Local Brokerage Account.
      2) Yes, it is up to your choice not to open an ADA account.

      I’m glad you take it slow. Investing without knowledge is dangerous. So take your time.

  12. Hi Marcus Keong,

    If i am unable open CDS account through any ADA listed, how could i escalate to bursa Malaysia?


  13. Hi Marcus, just to let you know, I also face the double charge issue. But Bursa did refund back the RM10 after many weeks, or maybe months later. I only realized when i check on the bank statement.

  14. Hi, I have registered and get my CDS acc approved. I picked RHB investment and the nearest branch called me and said the person in charge will contact me further for an appointment (I believe for trading account setup). But, after two weeks+, I received no further follow up from them. Any idea?

  15. Hi Marcus,
    Thank you for your article. It was very helpful.
    Just some feedback from my side that I got the confirmation email from Bursa Anywhere within the same day (10 Mar 2021), and the ADA that I chose is also Malacca Securities. Not sure if you’ve gotten yours.

    1. Yes! I have the email from M+ after a few weeks! I will write another article on how to register a Malacca Securities brokerage account online after we registered our Bursa Anywhere account.

  16. hi i have problem with my registration. I’ve choose M+ as my ADA and then they rejected my application since my account number for my dividen is Maybank. what should i do now. this is the 2nd time i register as the first time i was using RHB also got rejected because of wrong account number. i dont understand why this happened. hopefully you can help.

    1. Is the bank account you use for receiving dividends is the same as the account you paid for the registration fee? It must be the same account, and cannot be a joint account.
      I must say it was quite tedious for the online application. I am still waiting for approval for my ADA application as well.

    1. Usually, I will compare the brokerage fees across different ADA. Next, I will check their reviews via forums (such as Lowyat) in terms of customer service, app features and user experience.

      IMHO, M+ and UOB Kay Hian are quite affordable in terms of brokerage fees. HLeBroking is also quite popular (not sure what’s the reason)

    1. Hi, not yet.
      I just resubmit it on 17 Feb. So might need to wait around 2 weeks, which is a typical timeline to open a (direct) brokerage account.

  17. Hello, thank you for writing this very helpful blog! my question is after already been approved of our request to open a CDS account, do I need to go to the ADA office to open the actual brokerage account? what do I need to inform my ADA when opening the account?

    1. Hi Arif. You can email your respective ADA that you already register a CDS account through Bursa Anywhere. They will guide you what to do next.

  18. Hi, I have successfully opened CDS account via the app, but how about opening trading account ? Will the bank contacting me ?

    1. Hi Sulaiman, unfortunately you need to contact the bank that you have opened a CDS account via Bursa Anywhere app. This is a big drawback of this process. There is no integration between Bursa Malaysia and brokerage firms.

      I will update my article now so everyone will know this.

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