11 thoughts on “Direct Account and Nominee Account: Which One is Better?”

  1. Hi, can I know whether we can have both direct and nominee accounts (from different brokers) at the same time? ie. Maybank and rakuten

  2. Hi, Marcus.

    Love your article.
    May I know are TD Ameritrade or WeBull direct account for US stock?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Mian Ikram Shakir

    You article on Direct vs nominee account is extremely useful and easy understandable.

    I live in Luxembourg how can I open a direct account?

    1. Hi, I have no idea. You may ask Maybank customer service for that.
      FYI, you can only transfer Malaysian stocks to your direct account.

  4. Love your articles! I haven’t start investing in stocks but trying to equip myself before starting. Keep up the excellent writing.

    1. Hi Nadia. Thanks for your compliment. You’re doing good there. It is best to take time and educate ourselves before we jump into the market. Take care!

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