22 thoughts on “How to Register A Brokerage Account (MPlus Online) in Malaysia”

  1. Marcus,
    you did not reply to my enquiry after so many days.
    may be you can provide an email for faster contact.

  2. Hi Marcus,
    Is your dashboard still available? if so, as you said it is free, so can i have one? the other day when i called up Malacca securities, i was told my CDS account cannot be used with their security. i was told every security needs to have a different CDS account. In Malacca security, do i need to open the CDS account and brokerage account separately? thank you.

  3. can I use the dashboard for online transactions with malacca securities
    in future? my CDS account is from Kenanga Investment Bank, so can it be used for my registration with this security?

    1. Hi Ritchie, I assume you are referring to the stock dashboard I made.
      You can use that with any stock transaction with any brokerage, so yes you can use it with malacca securities.
      The CDS account can be used to register other Malaysian brokerage as well, so no worry.

    1. Thanks Fatimah for your compliment! I will continue to provide more useful information about investing for beginners πŸ™‚

    1. Hi, they probably will as they did not mention that it must be a clean copy.
      Let me know if they don’t accept it.

  4. Hi Marcus, great article. I just wanted to ask,
    1. When we register for M+ online and CDS account with M+, will it be direct or nominee account?
    2. If we already have a direct CDS account with Bursa, is there anyway to integrate them with M+?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      1) M+ Online is a direct account.
      2) Just follow this guide and choose “I already have a CDS Account”.

    2. Hi Marcus, I just came across your article and found it very helpful indeed. Just a quick question, if I already have a direct CDS account from UOB Kay Hian (or let say from any other brokerage for that matter) can I use that CDS account in a new application for M+ trading account?

    3. Hi Zulkify. Absolutely! You can use the same CDS account to apply for new trading account from other Malaysian direct brokers such as M+

  5. Hi Mr Marcus. Can you sharing more about the M+ platform. Do this platform provide the exposure towards foreign market like USA

    1. Hi Amir, M+ Online can let us trade US stocks and ETFs, but we need to make a further request to the remisier. I’m not sure about the process as I didn’t do it.

  6. Luckily I came by your website again before registering my CDS account. I have been following your blogs and Instagram for sometime already and they are very helpful for me (I am a newbie) to understand about investment.

    1. Wow! Really happy that I can help out!
      Thanks for following me and I will keep on provide great content for new investors πŸ™‚

  7. i am very new in investment world and your article is so much help guiding me through. please kindly share an article on how to use m+ apps alsooo please!

    1. Hi Khyra, thanks for reading! I’m glad I can help!
      Will definitely consider writing an article about how to use the M+ app. πŸ™‚

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