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  1. Hi Marcus, I saw your response to a comment that you no longer use TDA anymore. Could you kindly share your reasons and also which broker(s) are you using now to trade stocks/options in the US? Thanks for all your sharing.

    1. Hi KC.

      The reasons I don’t use TDA anymore is because I find other broker that is regulated by Malaysian SC.
      I am currently using Rakuten Trade as my main brokerage account.
      As I don’t trade stocks or options, and I only invest in ETFs, Rakuten Trade works well to me.

  2. Hi Marcus,

    Recently TD ameritrade has been integrate with Charles Schwab so we should create the account through TD or Charles? I noticed that Charles Schwab provide dividend reinvestment plan to buy fractional shares, so TD will have this after the integration?

    1. Hi, I am not sure as I do not use TD Ameritrade anymore.
      You may need to check with their customer service on this.

    1. Hi, did you register under Malaysia or Singapore?
      Which stage did you reach before they prompt you the requirement?

  3. Hi Marcus
    I’m not registered as a taxpayer yet in Malaysia cuz I’m still a student. Can I use the NRIC instead?
    Thank you in advance and your blog helped a lot.

    1. Hi Kristal,
      I haven’t explored registering without a tax declaration.
      I have a feeling that they won’t allow you to register without an income stream.
      No worry, you can opt for registering a robo-advisor, an investment that is more beginner-friendly and student-friendly.

    1. Hi, yes.
      There are many ETF funds that track various index, includes S&P 500.
      By buying this ETF stock, you are naturally investing in an index fund.

  4. Hi Marcus. I have trouble uploading the manually signed w8 form into the system. Cannot find the upload button next to it. Emailed to help@TDA, awaiting reply. Any other suggestion?

  5. hello Marcus, do u know the procedure how to transfer fund to TD Ameritrade from malayisa local bank? any charges for fund deposited?tqvm for yr answer.

  6. Hi Marcus,
    Do we need to renew the IRS W-8Ben form every year? It just pop-up in my TDA trading platform. If yes, how you do it…

    1. I’m not aware of that as I am using it for less than 1 year. You may need to contact their customer service to understand more about it.

  7. Hi Marcus,

    Do you have to pay tax on the capital gain in US or Malaysia if you trade the US stocks?
    Do you still enjoy zero commission fee to trade US stocks through TD Ameritrade?


    1. Hi James,
      We won’t get taxed by the capital gain in Malaysia, whether by trading US stocks or Malaysian stocks.
      However, the dividends we received from our US stocks will get 30% tax deducted in prior.
      Yes, now I am still enjoying the zero-commission fee from trading US stocks with TDA.

  8. Hi anyone has issue with TD ? Seem that I cannot download due to slower connection. I am using Unifi 300Mbps.
    Unable to load necessary messages due to Internet connectivity issues – please refresh browser. If this continues to be an issue – please try again later or contact our support at (+65) 6823 2250


    1. Hi Fairus,
      Malaysian users need to use VPN to access TD Ameritrade (I’m not sure why).
      You can refer to my article to install the Free VPN Chrome extension and access their websites.

  9. Hi Marcus,
    for the last step, i did not see any button or document to download and sign..

    do you mean that we need to print out our Payslip/IC/Address Form and hand-sign and then upload again?

    other than that, I don’t even have the “Customer Account Review” column for me to upload, and where to download the Customer Account Review document?

    Appreciate your helps

    1. Hi SY, try to zoom in/out on the page when you’re on it (I have updated my post, please refer to Angellica’s comment)
      Yes, you need to hand-sign those document and upload again.

      Let me know if this helps!

    2. I have the same problem as SY. Only 3 documents need to upload, that’s it. I also don’t have “Customer Account Review” to upload. Already tried zoom in and out.

    3. Hi YN, I think they have removed the “Customer Account Review” as they don’t need it anymore.
      Can you proceed with the registration by uploading only that 3 documents?
      Let me know. Thanks!

  10. Angellica Chiang

    Finally i get to figure why there are problems when i don’t see any attachment to download and upload buttons for my documents.
    Guys, try zoom in your webpage and volla! you’ll get to see them all!
    Just that easy haha! Btw, thank you Marcus for the detailed tutorial.
    Appreciate your sharing and your reply! Stay safe!

  11. Hi Marcus,

    I am fans of TD Amritrade too, primarily investing in US.

    Just wondering does SC ban on TD Ameritrade will impact our withdrawal in future etc.

    Some concern if were to invest 20 years later and money not able to withdraw or on freeze will be tough.

    1. Hey Brandon,

      I understand the concern as recently SC just slapped a ban on Binance.
      AFAIK, SC will give us a buffer time like 14 days for us to withdraw our money, just like Binance.
      So it shouldn’t be a concern for withdrawal.

      In my opinion, TD Ameritrade is too boring for most investors and hardly gets mentioned anywhere.
      Hence the probability of TD Ameritrade getting banned by SC is very minimal.

    2. Hi Marcus,

      Understood on the binance banning, but have you checked out that TD Ameritrade was also already in SC list since last year December.

    3. Hi Brandon, yes I’m aware of that.
      There are other international brokers that in the list as well, like eToro, WeBull and Tiger Brokers.
      SC literally just put most of them in the alert list without any reasonable comments.
      You can check out the SC Alert list and look for TD Ameritrade.
      It said “Dealing in securities” lol

  12. Hello!
    I have completed all necessary steps including uploading docs required from the email received, except that W8 status remains pending – even though i have already updated.
    Is this normal?
    Appreciate your help! Thanks!

  13. Hi Marcus,

    Glad I found your article on foreign brokerage. Was considering etoro. Decided to explore and read more to understand better. Does TD Ameritrade impose additional charge if we just buy stock and keep it for long term?

    1. Hi Jane, glad you drop by my blog.

      No, TD Ameritrade will not charge us any inactivity fee if we keep our stocks for the long term. That is why I choose TD Ameritrade. 🙂

  14. Hi, when I click the “open account” link, it shows “Unable to load necessary messages due to Internet connectivity issues – please refresh browser. If this continues to be an issue – please try again later or contact our support at (+65) 6823 2250”. How can I solve the issue? Thank you i advance.

    1. Hi Claudia, you may try using the Free VPN chrome extension and see if it helps.

  15. Hi. Thank you for your details guide.
    I am not a Malaysian but I work here and i have tax number. Can i still register with the same way as you have shown?

  16. Hi. I had registered the account. Would like to ask how the email looks like if TD Ameritrade approve my registration?


    1. Hi Alicia, I have updated my article with a screenshot of the email. Hope it helps!

  17. Hi Marcus, thanks for the reply on my previous question. I would like to trade US Options, do you have any other platforms to recommend besides TD Ameritrade?


    1. Hi Alan, I am not well researched on other platforms. So I couldn’t answer your question.

  18. Hi Marcus, have u withdrawn money from TD Ameritrade before? If yes, please share the steps to withdraw and how long it takes from the day you request to the money is in ur local back account?


    1. Hi Alan, I have not yet withdrawn money from TD Ameritrade yet.
      I am very reluctant to do that as there is a withdrawal fee for that.
      But for the sake of my readers, I will plan to withdraw my money from TD Ameritrade one day.
      Will update you guys with a new post when I figured it out.

  19. Hi i just registered the account. Long process. But i am confused with with the last requirement of signed paper work submission and submit again. Which documents exactly they want signed and submit? The IC, address and employment? or all the forms we clicked yes and submit? I do not find any link to download the forms for us to sign in paper. also where is the upload link? I already uploaded the IC, Address and Employment previously.
    Sorry it may sound confusing as i am. Thanks for the assistance. I also emailed the support. But no response. It seems like opening an account in Ameritrade is extremely tedious.


    1. You should receive an email from them with the title “You’re almost there – send us your paperwork today”. There is a link that you can download the form and required to fill and sign it in hardcopy, then submit it to them.

      If you still having trouble with the registration, you may email me at hello@marcuskeong.com and I will try my best to help.

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