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Managing Your Spare Cash

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This Week’s Money Tip: Make Your Spare Cash Working For You

It is easy for me to convince my friends that I’m broke.

I show them the balance of all my savings accounts:

Each account only has RM20.

Ehhh? Serious?


My spare cash is always in places where they can earn more money for me.

Places that will provide at least 2% interest for the cash.

It may seem silly to you.

“What can my RM1,000 even do?”

With a 2% return, it’s RM20 per year.

It is worth at least 2 free meals!

Who said there’s no free lunch in this world?

If you keep stacking your savings until 5 digits, RM20 will become RM200, and 2 free meals become 20 free meals.

If this cash stays in a savings account, instead of RM200, you probably get RM10 only.

Of course, you don’t have to follow exactly like I did. Nothing wrong to keep more than RM20 in your savings account.

The point is you should know where to let your spare cash generates passive income.

“But Marcus, where do we place our cash to get that 2% interest?”

Here are 4 platforms I recommended in which you can earn interest higher than 2%:

1) Versa Cash – around 3.9% (default 3.45%)

2) TnG Go+ – around 3.5%

3) OCBC Flex Account – 2.1%

4) Fixed Deposit – at least 2.5%

More details here:

Please note that Versa & TnG may take 1 to 3 business days to withdraw your cash.

If you need instant access to your cash, please consider other platforms.

Personally, I am using Versa and OCBC Flex Account for all my spare cash. 70% of them are in Versa, and 30% are in OCBC Flex Account.

This strategy allows me to get higher passive income from my spare cash without sacrificing instant access to my spare cash.

You may ask, how do I pay for my expense with only RM20 in my savings account?

I still have cash, TnG e-Wallet, and Maybank credit cards to pay most of my expenses.

In case I need a bank transfer to make a payment, OCBC Flex Account is where I draw my money.

Again, RM20 in each savings account is not an absolute thing you need to do.

I would say if you have more than RM500 in savings, keep them in places where they will earn some extra cash for you.

With this habit, you will realize that you got yourself a small passive income that builds up over time.

Talk with you again next week.

Your Money Buddy,


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